Reconstructing Construction Management in NYC

Drawing on the depth and breadth of its affiliates’ expertise, including the resources of KBE Building Corporation, and powered by a committed crew of preconstruction and construction specialists, KBE-NY is building a new breed of construction management in NYC.

We offer:

Preconstruction Services

Our planning services are fundamental to a project’s success, and include in-house professional estimators and specialists in site work and mechanical/electrical services.

Construction Services

From the bidding process to safety and quality control to close-out services, our dedicated team of superintendents, managers, and engineers excel at every stage of the construction process.


KBE-NY embraces the ideal of sustainability, and approaches each and every project with strategies to make designs more efficient and environmentally-sound.

Multiple Delivery Methods for a Myriad of Needs

New York is a bustling city built on big plans and bigger dreams. KBE-NY helps its clients achieve such goals by placing quality communication at the forefront of every relationship.

Construction Manager at Risk

In this role, KBE-NY initiates close collaboration with the design team and the property owner from the moment the project is launched, providing the following in-depth analyses:

  • Constructability reviews
  • Value management recommendations
  • Progressive cost estimates at key design milestones

Additionally, KBE-NY is able to minimize cost and scheduling impacts by addressing any possible changes long before the project moves from design to construction, ensuring that the entire team is on the same page when the time to break ground arrives.


KBE-NY assembles an all-star team of architects, engineers, and construction crews to execute a comprehensive design and construction plan. Close collaboration between the design team and the constructor expedites projects, minimizing changes and maximizing savings of both time and money.

General Contractor

KBE-NY‘s estimating and field teams work in tandem with the design team to accurately interpret all construction documents and breathe life into the client’s ultimate construction vision.

Owner’s Representative

KBE-NY can serve as a technical advisor, advocate, and team liaison for our clients. By providing project development and construction-related guidance that spans all phases of development – from acquisition to opening the doors – we look out for our client’s best interests and help them make informed decisions at each critical juncture.

Building on Our Strengths

KBE-NY‘s diverse expertise allows us to provide unparalleled support to our many clients, their design teams, and their innovative projects.

Contact us today to find out more about how we are changing the face of construction management in NYC.